Life, what is it?

What is life? How can one describe life? Life is a complex mechanism, but a rather easy one as well. Life can be described in a million ways;

  • Living and dying
  • Self-replication, metabolism, and mutation
  • Study of living things, or organisms

And vice versa.

Other than those systematic definitions, what can life be described as? You are alive, and so am I. The dog I can hear barking is alive, and so is the tree outside my window. The act of being alive alone is not life, but rather a social construct given to us by the norms of society. To a layperson, life can only mean two things, obstacles and challenges.

Life is an endless cycle of constant reminders that if there is another day, there is another task to fulfill, it is a complete circle of how things are for some people. Everyone lives life differently; some are luxuriously lavish in their own rights, and some are stuck in poverty, making ends meet, but however it is, it is an endless cycle of challenges being thrown at you.

Life has become a challenge, people live and die without any reason, people suffer, they go through obstacles that change their thinking and completely destroy their outlook on life, people become cruel and twisted and some even lose their minds. Life would often be also described as suffering to some as well, for them, living in hell.

Life is a collection of memories you make as you progress according to some. Constant moments of growth and bringing about change. To some, it could also be the act of service, to some, the act of partying, the act of providing.

But to me, life is an act of virtue, constant change. Life means living in a state that is everchanging and ever so different from the moment you were living before. You eat one moment, the next you leave your doorstep, the very next, someone dies, and the very next, you’re enjoying something so small to something so memorable.

Life is ever-changing; it does not have a prominent definition. It does not have a proper meaning. Although you can find block definitions and dictionary explanations life has a simple meaning to me, and it means the act of change. The act of having virtues in your life, the act of changing from one moment to another. The constant act of evolution is described as life. The constant growth into something more than yourself is life, and to live through those moments is life. To be alive is life. Life is only bestowed on those who know how to live. And by living, is to constantly evolve and become better as a person, as an individual, and make the most of what everything has to offer you. That is life, a fulfilling life. And although, some people have it hard and do not experience enlightenment, that does not mean they cannot try to live their lives to the fullest, that does not mean they cannot evolve, because life is all about evolution and the act of becoming more than yourself.