Discovering yourself

Everyone around us is talented in their own way. Some are gifted with ideas, some are gifted with intellect, some are gifted with diligence, some are gifted with the gifts of voice, some with the gift of craft, art, performance, and vice versa.

Everyone is gifted, God has given everyone one or two gifts that they can share with the world. It means self-reflection is always an important aspect of one’s life. Some people hone these attributes and some people fail to see the beauty it holds.

Because God is all-giving and all-powerful, He knew how to make everyone special in their own way. He has bestowed everyone with various and endless attributes that we as humans fail to see. And it shouldn’t be the case.

Self-discovery has always been very hard for people around us. It is never taught in schools or institutions to find your voice or find your tone, rather we’re stuck in a systematic cycle of education and discipline, we fail to hone or sharpen those who are bright amongst us, and often children at an early age fail to see their capabilities.

I believe it is a very important aspect of one’s life to discover themselves, their skills, their pros and cons, their collective talents, likings, dislikes, what they’re good at and what one’s not good at, and one should always strive to hone every single one of these. It should be maintained at a very young age because, by the time someone reaches a certain age of discovery, it is already too late for them to hone new and improved skills, and are stuck thinking about the old ones.

The world is a very relentless rollercoaster ride and it always has something new to teach you, but it is your job to first find yourself in that position, it is your job to discover yourself in this vast world of endless possibilities, because if you don’t find yourself and find your spot, you’ll always remain in constant denial of yourself, and constantly face rejection by yourself because not knowing yourself always result to confusion about one’s self.

So, it is always important to know who you are, and who you are supposed to be, be strong about what you stand for, what you’re good at, what you can be good at, and what else you can learn or sharpen in the process because self-discovery is always important. It is important to discover who you are and whom you are supposed to be in order to live a life where you know your place and know where you exist. That is the only way you’ll live a life justified to yourself.